front yard Pine Tree Problems in Stacy

Asked June 20, 2016, 1:15 PM EDT

I have a dozen pine trees with a recent distress. They are about 13 years old now and previously very healthy + vigorous, in the sandy soil here in Stacy.

Very recently, I see:

- green worms eating needles at end of branch - see photo

- wierd clusters on a few small branches - see photo

- brown coloration (stress) on whole limbs - see photo

I can send you more images (I have 10 good photos). Reply if you need better pictures

Tonight, I intend to spray with Malathion 50% insect control @ 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. (The label says double this dose for "pine needle"). I am I doing the right thing?

Anoka County Minnesota

2 Responses

Your trees are spruce, not pine. You have sawflies. They can defoliate a tree quickly. Photo 2 shows a gall. These are caused by Adelgids. These are insects.
I cannot tell from your photo what is causing the brown coloration of needles. Please visit this publication site and compare your tree with the symptoms listed:


Thanks so much for your informative and speedy response.

I now know what my issues are. Thanks a lot!