I am looking for a list that tells me what varieties of tomatoes can be water...

Asked June 20, 2016, 10:37 AM EDT

I am looking for a list that tells me what varieties of tomatoes can be water bath canned vrs pressure canned. If there is a general list of produce and canning methods- I'd be interested in that as well.

Franklin County Ohio

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Tomatoes of any variety are unique because they may be water bath canned OR pressure canned due to their pH. Water bath canning works for "acid" foods, foods with a pH<4.6. Acid foods include fruits, sauerkraut and pickles. Pressure canning is required for "low-acid foods", foods with a pH>4.6. Low acids foods include vegetables, meats and mixed foods.

Tomatoes have a pH right around 4.6, so they may be canned using either method; however, the USDA recommends that acid - either lemon juice, vinegar or ascorbic acid- be added tomatoes prior to canning for safety reasons. Acidification instructions and processing times for tomatoes in both a water bath canner and pressure canner can be found at http://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/HYG-5336.

Instructions for canning various fruits and vegetables can be found at http://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/HYG-5343 and http://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/HYG-5344.

When canning tomatoes, choose fine-ripened, firm fruit for the best end product. Many varieties are suitable for canning. These include but are not limited to roma, fourth of July, daybreak, early girl, better boy, big beef, big boy, celebrity, brandywine and long-keeper.