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Asked June 20, 2016, 9:51 AM EDT

Hello, I am contacting you regarding the plant healthcare and technical troubles. Let me introduce you with idea. I bought 4-Pocket Vertical Hanging Planter made from felt with specifications with dimension: 30.5 x 106 cm/12.01 x 41.73" in order to build myself green wall. Since my new planter is not water prof I putted Ocean Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) in plastic bag with sponge in bottom to absorb excess water. Just above the sponge is plastic net in order to make drainage. For a self-watering a used small plastic bottle in upside-down position. I uploaded images of it, so you can see it yourself. Position of planter is in shade. Now, finally my question is will it work? I really dont wont to kill plant with my ignorance. Btw there a some ''scars'' on spider plant leafs...they where there when I bought her... May I ask one more question, if it is not a hassle for you. As I mentioned, my vision is to have green wall in my apartment. Beside that planter, recently I got myself a Ivy (I believe it is a English Ivy). You can see her in images. There is a lot of info regarding Ivy, some are a bit confusing.. by your opinion could I use same technical solution (same type of planter, drainage, watering) for Ivy's? Put planter with Ivy's near window and than some net or wood fence on wall, so they could expand toward spider plant's (on image)? I really hope that I have come to right place. Since I am from Bosnia, it is a far from easy to find some expert on plants, especially someone who is ready to think outside the box. Regards, Milos,

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You have an interesting idea here. It looks promising and we wish you luck.
We really can't say how it will go. You are not just interested in keeping the plants happy, but will need to watch for bacterial growth or mold in and around the hanging.
You may want to think of moving it closer to the window if that is your only light source.
You could also consider using succulents, which are plants with thick, water-holding leaves like jade; there are lots of these type of plants on the market now, and they don't need a lot of water to do well.
Your ivy will eventually need some support to climb on to. Depending on the type of vine, some people just use string or twine leading up and around the window tied off to tacks or nails.