Plant growing out of another

Asked June 19, 2016, 7:31 AM EDT

A completely different plant is growing out of the trunk of my original plant on different spots, just have a look at the pics. Thank you for your help.

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I can't really see just where the stems or trunks of the two types are growing one out of the other. Golden-euonymus will sometimes revert back to the green plant. Usually the leaves do not change size so much. Send in more photos of the joints between the two plants, perhaps we can be of more assistance.

Dear Jacki,
thank you for your response. I attache some more photos where you can see the joints.

Frank K.

This must, indeed, be a reversion from the variegated to the plain green. Search "golden euonymus reversion" and you'll find mention of it in blogs and publications.
Here is a university Extension Service article about reversions in general:
When it happens in my garden, I clip it out right away, as the solid green is usually stronger and will overtake my preferred patterned leaves.

Thank you for your help; I learned something new ;-)