Help with Eastern white pine disease ID

Asked June 18, 2016, 4:24 PM EDT

This tree looks under stress Oakland. County heavy clay soil, 2 years here large when planted. I'll try to attach a pic, looks like white fungus mostly at intersection of needles and branches Is it treatable?

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A tree under stress is more likely to have insect problems. While white pine can tolerate clay, it is important its roots are not too wet for long periods. For high value trees, consult a certified arborist to get onsite diagnosis of all factors that are affecting the tree. He/she can provide a complete health care program to give the tree the best chance to thrive. Find a couple in your area by postal zip code here-

Possibilities causing the white substance are
Pine bark adelgid-

Pine needle scale-

Since timing and/or need for treatment is different, you may want to send a sample to MSU Pestid lab for positive ID, if you don't call an arborist.
Submission forms, instructions on how to take and package a sample, and fee schedules are on the site. You can call the lab during business hours if you have any questions on how to take or package the sample.- website is
Phone is 517-355-4536

You can take a magnifying glass and examine the white substance closely, and compare to the pictures in the above links to try and determine what you have, yourself. You may have to examine 3-4 spots to find the insect. If you can find it and provide a clear closeup picture to us, or to the MSU Pestid lab, we may be able to ID it for you.

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