Best mulches for container gardening

Asked June 18, 2016, 9:37 AM EDT

I'm wondering if there are recommendations for mulches for flowers and tomatoes in containers? I've used cocoa shell in the past but was really unhappy with not only how compact it became, but also my plants seemed to get almost a layer of mold with it along with tiny flies, so I want to steer clear of it. I have a variety of of plants in pots on my patio from our traditional petunias and calibrachicoa, to houseplants that I winter over and bring out like elephant ear and schefflera. I also have tomatoes in a raised bed. Everything will be set up with a drip irrigation system so watering won't be an issue, it's mostly about keeping roots cool and weeds down. Thanks!

Dakota County Minnesota

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You could use some smaller bark or dry sphagnum moss, Either will work quite well.