Calf cloudy runny eyes

Asked June 17, 2016, 10:12 PM EDT

Sir! I have 6 bull calf and 3 have cloudy runny eyes. I mean it tears every time,but it's looking good and eating well.
Can you tell me what is its initially treatment and dose.
I shall be much thankfull of you!
Raees Deehan Dairy farm

Outside United States

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Hi -- I am a veterinarian but it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis via this method. Do you have access to a veterinarian? The cause of excess tearing is either irritation (flies, dust, pollen, sand, hay chaff, etc.) or bacteria. There is a slight chance it is a Vitamin A deficiency, so check to be sure their diet contains adequate Vitamin A. Also, ensuring the animals are getting enough of a balanced diet will help them be more resilient and resistant regarding disease. I'm not sure how old these calves are-- if still on milk, make sure they are getting 20% of their body weight in milk or high quality milk replacer every day. Offer water and a calf starter (grain) free choice as well.

I can't recommend specific medications for the eyes because I'm not your veterinarian and don't know the laws and diseases in your country, but you could flush the eyes with warm sterile saline (not water). Make sure to flush under both eyelids. If you keep the animals indoors (out of bright light), they will be more comfortable. Practice effective fly control on all calves so if it is a contagious disease, flies will not pass it from calf to calf.

If you see redness, blue/white spots on the surface of the eye or any other problems with the eye itself, the condition is progressing and is much more serious. The animals will need antibiotics and perhaps other medications. Please consult your veterinarian if this happens. I hope things turn out well for you and your calves.