Asked June 17, 2016, 11:03 AM EDT

Good Morning, I have 3 different large pots that I have Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinth bulbs in. They flower wonderfully every year. Is there anything else I can grow in the same pots so that I have flowers blooming later into the summer? I live on Ten MIle Lake in Lakeside. THANKS, Pete

Coos County Oregon

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Thanks for your question, and happy to hear that your bulbs are doing so well! Especially the tulips, which can be trickier to grow and fade more quickly than others; these may also be harder to plant over, partly because these bulbs also grow in dryer situations in their native environs, and so aren't used to a lot of summer moisture and may be more likely to rot with summer watering (the annuals growing over them). You should be able to grow other annuals successfully over the tops of daffodils and hyacinths (not grape hyacinths, though) quite easily as they are planted fairly deeply, just being sure not to disturb the bulbs when doing so.

Some ideas for smaller annuals that are low spreading would be best, including: pansies, sweet alyssum, lobelia, and petunias. Just be sure to leave the foliage on the bulbs as long as you can before cutting back, as this is how they amass energy for future bloomings.

THANKYOU very much for your time and expertise. I was wondering if there are any perennials I could plant over the Daff's and Hyacinth's??

Due to the fact that perennials increase in size from season to season, this also means that the roots will increase in mass, and may well present a barrier to your bulbous plants, especially if planted over the tops of those plants. One thing that i should also say, however, about some annuals--petunias, but especially geraniums and snapdraggons--is that they often perform as perennials in our more mild climates on the south coast, so be aware of that.

THANKYOU very much