Red fire ants

Asked June 16, 2016, 8:06 PM EDT

While I was weeding by my stone walkway I noticed red fire ants and then by my ornamental flower garden all the leaves are being eaten so I sprayed with orthro& flower garden.weeding my vegetable garden I saw red ants by the wood border& flowers How do I treat these areas? I already use the pesticide and don't want to continue with that but they are all over eating the leaves off of my flowers and vegetables what can I do?

Otsego County New York

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I am certain that you do not have the red imported fire ant in New York. And, I do not know what species of ant you may be encountering. Management of pest ants is usually most safely accomplished in such garden or landscape areas using an appropriate ant bait. But the choice of bait is predicated on the species of the ant because each species reacts to different bait attractants, composition, and size. I suggest you contact someone with Cornell University for further assistance. Dr. Michael Hoffman could be one as he works in vegetable IPM (email address