Farm tags and dot regulations

Asked June 16, 2016, 11:16 AM EDT

What are the dot regulations on a farm truck over 10,000 lbs but under 26,000 lbs? When is a dot number Required on a farm truck? Are ky Farm tag recognized in other states?

Boyd County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. Please contact the Boyd County Extension Office for specific information. The contact information is below.

Lyndall V Harned
Boyd Cooperative Extension Office
2420 Center Street
Catlettsburg, KY 41129-1279
(606) 739-5184

Sorry it has taken me awhile to answer this but I have been on AL for a bit. But to the point. I understand that this has already been addressed by someone else. I just wanted to suggest that you stop in at your local Farm Bureau office, whether you are a member or not. The reason is that they have a booklet that hat they have put together that addresses the issues you asked about, plus many more on this topic. It is actually available on-line at this web address - But to try to answer your questions: 1.) Most of the regulations apply to vehicles of 26,000 or less or 26,001 lbs to 38,000 lbs. There are many that apply, too many to address here, I suggest that you go to the website above and read them. 2.) The way I understand it, if you are using the vehicle for agricultural purposes, a number is required. Again, this is addressed at the above website, as well as where to go and how to get one. And 3.) Tricky question. They are recognized but not necessarily honored. What I mean is, the way I understand it, it has to do with the weights for certain tags, Ours align with some states and not with others, Illinois for instance. What is recommended, is that if you know you are going to be traveling into another state, contact them for their regulations and if you will comply. That is in the booklet and I have also heard this from State Police officers. If you would like to contact me at 606-739-5184, I would be happy to talk with you about this, as far as my knowledge will let me.