Fresh and clean bird bath water suddenly dirty

Asked June 16, 2016, 9:39 AM EDT

I have a small metal (white) bird bath under a small tree. I have seen cardinals and Robins drink the water in the past. Lately I see sparrows hovering over the bath in the tree but I have not seen the actually use the bath. However since they started coming around I notice the freshly changed water becoming a muddy brown. With that I no longer see the cardinal and Robins at the bath. I have tried to quickly change the water only to find it all muddy again shortly after the change. How can I keep the waterms from becoming a mud bath so other birds can enjoy a clean bath or drink?

Washington County Maryland

1 Response

It's possible that small mammals (raccoons?) are either drinking out of the bird bath or washing their food or themselves in it. Try contacting the Wildlife Hotline for more help: 877-463-6497.