Quakie aspen shoots

Asked June 15, 2016, 7:13 PM EDT

One of my quakies broke in the wind and so I cut it down to a stump. No I have MANY shoots everywhere. The shoots are in all my grass so I don't want to do anything that would harm my grass. What should I do? I also have other healthy quakies that I'd like to remove one day but I am worried I'll have shoots forever even if I do remove them. What is the best way to remove them and also my stump? What can I do about shoots in grass.

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That's the problem with growing quakies in your yard; they'll do that. And cutting a tree down or removing sprouts actually even encourages more sprouting. The only solution is to cut down the tree(s) and either paint or spray some Roundup (i.e. glyphosate) on the freshly cut surface, or better, spray triclopyr (the chemical in Ortho Brush-B-Gone or ivy killer). Triclopyr works better. You can drill a hold and pour it in, but you can end up using too much and having it potentially kill neighbors' trees. Unfortunately on the tree in the picture it is clear that the tree was cut too long ago and treating the stump won't work. Even if you had, though, you would still get some sprouts. When you get sprouts coming up it is important to cut them down immediately and treat the cut surface of the sprout the same way. It may take a couple of years to get rid of them. A problem you will have if you are going to have other aspens in your lawn is that you won't know which sprouts are coming from which tree, and treating the sprouts can harm the trees you want to keep. I suggest cutting them all down and treating the stumps and all of the sprouts that some up. When you do this, though, you even have to go to your neighbors' yards (with permission) and cut down any trees or sprouts that may have developed in their yards and treat the stumps, since those trees otherwise wills sprout in your yard. Mike Kuhns