How do I eliminate grain moths from my cupboards?

Asked June 15, 2016, 3:32 PM EDT

What can I do to eliminate the grain moths that have infested my cupboards?

Lane County Oregon

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These pantry pests are quite aggressive seeking out food sources and move quickly from one product to another. They may be in packages you have not noticed yet.
These pests are not dangerous to your health, but they are very annoying, so need to be managed.
To control the spread, make certain that every dried food item is in a sealed container so the moths and larvae don't spread from one to another. Commercial packaging such as plastic bags or cardboard boxes that the products are sold in are not enough to keep the pests out. Food could stay in that original packaging and be placed into glass jars with screw top lids, plastic containers with snap on lids or heavy duty plastic bags with sturdy zip- seals.
All dried products can be frozen for 3-4 days to destroy any moths or larvae that might be in them already. Wash or vacuum up any spills, however small, in your cabinets to remove any food for the insects. Look for alternative sources of food, such as nuts or dried flower arrangements, around the house.
Here are a few more details. Good luck. this may be an ongoing battle for a while until all of the moths and larvae are eliminated.