Black Maple problems

Asked June 15, 2016, 12:23 PM EDT

Is there something affecting Black Maple trees. Note the photos below. Anthracnose and Iron Chlorsis was mentioned to the homeowner a possibilities.

Blue Earth County Minnesota maple trees

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This doesn't look like anthracnose to me:

This tree is looking very bad. How long has this been going on? There may be a number of reasons but usually the signs and symptoms come on gradually.

Girdling roots is a possibility. I can see that the tree is sitting in the ground like a telephone pole. It should be raised up from the lawn and roots should be visible:

Verticillium wilt is a possibility but usually that starts with leaf and limb death on one side:

Here is a list of the usual problems that afflict maple trees. Perhaps you can find some additional symptoms that will make a diagnosis better: