What is this bug

Asked June 14, 2016, 6:51 PM EDT

Help what is this bug its similar to silver fish i thing but just doesnt look like one

Outside United States

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This is a tough question. Silver fish are light grey and silver coloring that shimmer when moving. Another insect that looks close is the case making clothes moth. I looked at all my literature and could find nothing that looked exactly like the picture. Silver fish is what i would say it is. If you have any more information such as color and movement that might help.

It is very fast and it can fly that all i can tell u cant find were its gone i only see it now and again i think there a couple of them ;(

I have reviewed all my sources of this insect. One picture i found to be close is the antlion but its wingspan can be as large at 4.5 inches. If you can capture one of the insects may i suggest you take it to an Ohio State office near you. They may be able to help. Do you have a county extension office near you?