Peony bugs

Asked June 14, 2016, 2:49 PM EDT

Every year I have the same problem bug on my peonies and I cannot get rid of them. We sprayed them with a bug killer and that did not help either

Menominee County Michigan

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Your insects are not bugs, they are beetles. The pictures are not vey clear but this is what it looks like: These are rose chafers... Macrodactylus subspinosis. I cannot see what is in the product that you have but a pesticide that contains an active ingredient of cyfluthrin, carbaryl, imidacloprid, bifenthrin or permethrin should take care of them. Follow label directions.

These are purchased as concentrates and diluted in a pressurized sprayer. In most cases, one or two sprays over a period of several weeks is all that is needed.

Sorry my pictures were not more clear. I will try again. Mine were not green like those beetles

My original answer stands... these are rose chafers. They are tan with some green with brownish-orange spiny legs. They are all over Michigan currently. There ARE NOT Japanese beetles which should be making their appearance in early July.