Lawn care and fertilization

Asked June 14, 2016, 1:41 PM EDT

Hi, I have a lean service that fertilized and throughout the summer months , as well as applies lime once a season as well as weed killers and pre emergents.? Hoe many times a season should the lawn be fertilized, and should there be any applications at all in the summer months ? My lawn is already turning brown .

Howard County Maryland

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Your lawn should not be turning brown at this time.

Any lime application should be done based on a soil test (which should be done about every 3 years.) It does not need to be done annually.

Lawns should be fertilized in the fall, twice. If the lawn is new or weak, then a half-strength application can be done in mid-May.

Grub control and other insect control pesticides should never be applied unless there is a verified insect infestation (not just the occasional insect that appears.)

Please read over our online articles on lawn fertilizing and annual maintenance. They are in the Publications part of the Library on our homepage. Click on Lawn in the "Plants" section.

Here is one very thorough article that covers most topics about lawns including fertilization (but there are lots of other good articles):