Creeping Charlie

Asked June 14, 2016, 12:32 PM EDT

Greetings Master Gardner I have creeping Charlie in my lawn and cannot get rid of it. Tried many different sprays, pulling it, digging it out….. HELP I was reading on the internet that a product called Crossbow Concentrate is affective. And is safe for the lawn and pets. What is your advice to get rid of Creeping Charlie for good? Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely Paulette

Anoka County Minnesota creeping charlie horticulture

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I have never heard of Crossbow Concentrate so would be very cautious using a 'miracle product'. Controlling it requires a combination of hand pulling/digging, altering the lawn area and chemical applications at the right time. Please visit our publication on this stubborn weed for suggestions. It usually takes more than a year to get rid of it as it also self-seeds.