What is the value of a producing field of blueberries

Asked June 14, 2016, 10:38 AM EDT

What value does producing mature bushes add per acre for farmland? Also overhead and drip irrigation?

Ottawa County Michigan

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The land has a certain value based on its use in agriculture, development or some other use. Improvements on the land (buildings, wells, drain tiles, irrigation systems and plantings of perennial plants).
The value of a producing field of blueberries is determined by how healthy and productive the field is as well as the returns from the field so some fields such as Bluecrop or Elliott are worth more than say Jersey.
When asked I give the value of a producing field of blueberries as about $6,500 over the value of the land. I generally value an irrigation system as about $1,000 more since it increases the yields. Overheads are probably worth more than drip since it cost more to install, lasts long (20 year item vs. 7) and has value for spring frost control. If the field. I also think drain tile adds value.
The Farm Management Team at MSU maintains a nice website and has a page with information on land values and leasing. There is an annual update of farm land values. Here is a link to that page.