Fading leaf color

Asked June 13, 2016, 9:42 PM EDT

I have plant starts - cucumber / tomatoes - that, overnight, have developed a weird fading quality to some of their leaves. At first it looks like a reflection of light, but it's not. Their are some plant starts at my job that started doing the same thing days ago and now have a brown crunchy edge to their leaves. Do you know what this is & what to do? Dallas, Or. Thanks, Donna

Polk County Oregon fruits and vegetables

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Before looking at the pictures I was thinking mite damage, but the whitening is too uniform for that. Perhaps you can tell me more about the growing situation. Just a normal garden or under plastic? Are there other agricultural fields nearby? Have you gardened at this location before?

Hi Ed. I have gardened here for 13 seasons, not in a greenhouse. This is an agricultural area, but I live in a housing development that's been here for 40+ years. I don't use any sprays. The weather has been very cool & moist

Thank you for the background.
I think the cucumbers look normal for this time of year when emerging or growing in cool and wet soils. Same symptoms in my garden.
The tomatoes may have the start of a powdery mildew infection, although the symptoms are not quite like expected. Usually it is more variable and shows up on the surface of the leaf, and usually not this early in the season. If the symptoms continue to appear on new emerging leaves you may need to consider a fungicide treatment. Watch the new leaves closely as they emerge and expand, particularly as the weather warms next week.