Wilting tomatoe plant

Asked June 13, 2016, 4:55 PM EDT

I have one of seventeen tomatoe plant growing in my home garden. This particular one is a "sweet 100" plant that is the first to wilt this season. The plant is about 45 days in ground since transplanted. I noticed the wilt about two day ago primarily the top shoots and some at the bottom. Over the past week I watered every day and today I noticed a germinating walnut shoot, which I pulled up. The ph is 5.2 I added lime 30 days ago to raise ph to 6.5, has not achieved yet. This is the third or fourth year of planting in this area. Normally have good results, but fore, two or three wilting plants, which were heirloom. There is a 70' walnut tree approx. 20' away. Please inform how to proceed to protect this and the other tomatoe plants.

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Walnut roots can extend in the soil well beyond the crown or drip line of the tree, affecting susceptible plants far from the black walnut. Tree roots can grow as wide as the tree grows high.
Tomatoes are very susceptible to juglone. There is nothing you can do to help the tomatoes. You should consider growing tomatoes in another area or in containers.
It is not too late to plant. See the publication from Va Tech for more information.