Do you know what's wrong with my cherry tree

Asked June 13, 2016, 11:53 AM EDT

Hello. My cherry tree had lovely fruit last year it's only about 3 years old. But this year buds have appeared but then nothing. It's now June. Please help

Outside United States

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Pretty hard to tell. No growth at all would indicate the tree is dead.
How cold did it get in the winter?
You could try cutting a slice of the bark off to see if the cambium next to the wood is green or brown. I do not see any obvious injury but that is what I would do in the field start cutting near obvious wounds or at the shoot tips to see if the bark and wood were alive.

Many thanks Mark I will try this, the winter months have not been that bad. I have my fingers crossed it' will be fine.

Look for discoloration or sunken bark. It could be Phytophthora root rot and the root is dead but usually they look sick as they die.