abnormal leaf color on raspberry plants

Asked June 13, 2016, 9:20 AM EDT

I'm trying to figure out if the bleaching of color of leaves on my Raspberry plants is the result of a deficitcy- soil imbalance or an unknown to me problem all together. I'd like to find the solution but need the correct diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt R.

Dixie County Florida

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That pattern, yellow or pale green leaf with dark green veins, is called iron chlorosis or lime induced chlorosis. Iron deficiency caused by the pH of the soil or culture medium is too high. You see it when the soil pH gets above 7 heading to 8.
It can also be caused when soils are too wet all the time. Symptoms should be worse on newest leaves and the may be dieback of the shoot tip and necrosis of the leaf tissue between the veins at the shoot tips. A foliar spray of iron chelate (available at most garden stores) should take care of the symptoms very quickly. If the problem is severe the leaves will fade back and show the symptoms again.