My juniper is sick

Asked June 12, 2016, 2:26 PM EDT

My juniper is sick and sun nursery thought you could help me. I have attached photos for your evaluation. The juniper bushes have a drip feed which automatically turns on twice a week for half hour. There are no bugs or mites on the bushes. Plants are established and have been in place since 2010

Howard County Maryland

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From your photos and the nature of your watering schedule, our guess is drowning roots. The juniper appears to be planted in a 'raised bed' and if the soil in the root zone is heavily amended with organic matter and the soil is watered twice a week, the soil may be holding water long enough to deny oxygen to the roots. This is especially true in light of the amount of rain we experienced in early spring.
Regardless of the cause, it is appropriate to cut back on the watering schedule and to prune out the obviously dead wood. the brown portions will not recover.