Glycerine effect on plants

Asked June 12, 2016, 9:59 AM EDT

Will glycerine adversely affect plants. Our community has been hit with a water crisis leaving us with no outside watering. To try and save thousands of dollars of landscaping I acquired empty 250 gallon barrels that previously contained glycerine, I have filled them with water, and now i am concerned the residue could harm the plants. I will be watering trees, shrubs, annual and perennial plants as well as lawn.

Utah County Utah

2 Responses

I do not think the residue in the water will have a big impact. There will only be a relatively small amount in the water and microbes and other organisms in the soil as well as the plants will use it as a source of fixed carbon (i.e. they will eat it).
It you were putting on a whole lot that would be different, but the glycerine by itself is not toxic.

Thanks it will save my yard during this crisis