Pruning espaliers apple trees

Asked June 11, 2016, 9:58 PM EDT

Hi there I have a quick question about pruning espalier Apple trees. I have 4 espallier apple trees in their 2 year of growth. I bought them as whips in the fall 2014 and pruned them last year to get the set of lateral branches and this year I am working on my second row of lateral branches. So this year I am getting shoots coming off last years lateral branches. I followed instructions of pruning the shoot after the 3rd leaf on the shoots. My questions is what do I do about the growth that appears out of the recently pruned shoots??? (I don't know the technical terms..). I have attached some pictures that might help clarify.

Washington County Oregon

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Either prune the new growth back to the one-going on two year old branch (2-3 inch vertical growth); or leave the lateral or side growth. Let it grow to 6-8 inches. To keep up with the espalier growth, the new growth needs to be removed EVERY month.