beef vaccinations

Asked June 11, 2016, 2:32 PM EDT

Just purchased a an angus steer, 600lbs. ,seller vaccinated himself and it has left 2 bulging pouches on neck/shoulder area about the size of an apple. Should I be worried and how long till it might absorb/disappear ? It has been 5 days since purchase of calf. Thanks, DG

Linn County Oregon

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Those vaccine blemishes are most likely abscesses. If they feel like they are fluid filled, they should be surgically drained. The area should ideally be clipped (I realize it is a show animal so this depends on show dates), scrubbed with a surgical soap, wiped with alcohol and then lanced at the bottom part of the lesion. The abscess cavity can then be flushed out with water and povidone solution, apply fly spray and allowed to heal. If this makes you uncomfortable please call you local veterinarian for assistance.