Asked June 11, 2016, 7:14 AM EDT

Do you know what this is (a grass?) and how to get rid of it? We cleared a large area in our back yard of trees and under-brush last year. Had the stumps ground and removed the grindings. This spring we put down starter fertilizer and a sun/shade mix grass seed before the 3 weeks of rain. Some of the grass seed germinated but we got much more of this in certain areas. Now I need to get rid of it so the grass can its ugly! Thanks,

Harford County Maryland weeds japanese stilt grass

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This looks like Japanese stilt grass. It may be helpful to view the publication from the Plant Conservation Alliance's Plant Working Group for more information and control options
and our website.
If this is a small infestation, you can handpull. Be prepared to overseed in the fall.
In general your best option for control is using a preemergent herbicide at the same time you would apply one for crabgrass control in the spring. Seedlings emerge about the same time as crabgrass. Many crabgrass preemergents are formulated in a granular form not a spray. Barricade and Pendulum are the most effective ones for this particular weed out of the many preemergents to choose from. Keep the area mowed to help prevent the stiltgrass from forming seeds.
Also, See the link above from Rutgers for more information.