What's this spider?

Asked June 10, 2016, 10:53 PM EDT

This spider has made its home in my garage for a while now. It's not bothering me & I don't bother it. I figure it's keeping more bothersome things in check. But then I noticed what might be an egg sack. I don't want the whole family moving in, especially if it might be a black widow. I couldn't see a red marking to know for sure. If it is a black widow, what should I do about her?

Hopkins County Texas

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Looks like a wolf spider. Check google images and see if its a match. The pictures a bit dark to tell.

Sorry for the picture quality, it's difficult to get good lighting in the garage. Do wolf spiders make webs? This one has kind of a messy web & it sits in it all the time. The pictures I've looked at don't really look a lot like my spider.

Wolf spiders make a small wispy like web, generally in corners. They don't move around much.

So, is it fine that she's living there? Her kids aren't going to take over my house or be harmful to me or my pets?

Wold spiders are the food source for scorpions. Get rid of them.