Snake question

Asked June 10, 2016, 1:59 PM EDT

We apparently have snake in our basement. We found a 4 ft snake skin many months ago in the rafters. This week we found snake feces where we know it wasn't there a month ago and another skin that is close to 5 ft. Long. Based on pictures of skin, best as we can tell it is not poisonous. Is there a way to get it out. No idea how/where it got in. Assuming it is a black snake, any likelihood it could harm our 10 lb. short haired dog or a sleeping child? thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

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The snake should not be a threat to your child or dog. In general, snakes are beneficial in that they help keep the rodent population down. However, you do not want them in your house.
If you think a snake is hiding in a structure, and cannot be readily found, an effective technique is to lay damp towels in a room overnight. Snakes come out of hiding at night and often will crawl under the damp towels. The snake can then be captured and released. See our publication on snakes for tips on discouraging snakes from coming close to your house or building.