Clumping Bamboo to grow in Frederick County MD

Asked June 9, 2016, 6:46 PM EDT

I want to plant some bamboo for a privacy screen between us and neighbor. I need to know what kind best survives our sometimes cold winters, grows fast but won't spread uncontrollably. I would like to not have to dig a surrounding trench and install root barrier if possible. Do you have any suggestions? Please and thank you :)

Frederick County Maryland

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Please think very carefully before you invest in this plant. Bamboo is one of the worst invasive plants in Maryland, and we get many requests to get rid of it--usually from the neighbors or new homeowners who inherit it. There is no such thing as a fast-growing well-behaved bamboo. Running bamboo is the worst, but clumping bamboo--though slower growing--still marches outward.

It sounds like you have done some homework, but do be forewarned that even clumping bamboo will continue to expand its clump. If it is near a property line, you will need to dig the trench and install the root barrier.

Here is the bamboo information from our website which suggests some varieties (there are many more you can find on-line) , explains how to control it and, for future reference, how to get rid of it:

The heavy rolls of rubbery plastic work as a root barrier. To insure community harmony, please install it completely around where you want the bamboo to grow, so it does not invade your neighbor's property.