Household flies

Asked June 9, 2016, 6:37 PM EDT

I have these little flies that hover around in bunchs near my rear door and in my garage. The are very hard to swat and when I try they fly off and then come back What are they? and how can I get rid of them? thanks

Douglas County Oregon

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There are a variety of flies that could be the source of your problem. One of the flies that tend to congregate around doors and windows is the Cluster fly or Pollenia rudis. They resemble a house fly but have a hint of golden color behind the head.

Photo of Cluster fly

The good news is that they will not reproduce inside your home and should die off on their own. Aerosol sprays may or may not be effective and are only good for the flies that are in the vicinity when you use the spray. If you place a fan inside the door blowing out the breeze should discourage them from coming in when the door is open.

If this doesn't sound like your fly or if you would like a positive identification capture a few of them and bring the whole sample into the Master Gardener plant clinic. The plant clinic is open to the public from 1 to 4 Monday through Friday during the summer. It is located at 1134 SE Douglas, Roseburg OR (next door to the Court House). Your flies can easily be trapped with a yellow sticky pest strip.