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Asked June 9, 2016, 2:49 PM EDT

Hi, I have watched trees disappear over the past 80 years. First the Chestnut blight, which was complete before I was born. Then the elm blight when I was young. ;Then I watched locust trees die along Rt 81. Now all kinds of trees seem to be dying. There are dead trees throughout the forests in Luzerne and Schuylkill Counties, the oaks in our forest have multiple dead branches. The hemlocks and certain other pines are dying. The weeping white birch is almost gone. A few years ago I noticed some maple leaves on trees along the road were turning upside down. Now lots of the leaves on the red maples in our yard are doing the same thing. I'm guessing the sun is too hot for them because of the thinning of the ozone layer??? Almost all of the mountain laurel in our woods have died completely. The only ones left are along the roads where they get sun. You may not be the department that can give me information on this - what is happening? is there anything being done? But could you forward it to the appropriate place? Thank you so much, Marilyn Lauffer

Luzerne County Pennsylvania

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Thank you for your question for eXtension. Please consider contacting the Cooperative Extension office closest to you. Simply go to, drop in your zip code and choose the office that is most convenient for you. We apologize that we can't help you right now, but please come back to eXtension to check in as we grow and add experts.