Asked June 9, 2016, 2:30 PM EDT

1. What's eating my Hostas? There are little tiny holes all over the leaves, the peonies, Azalias, and Shrubs which are around my hostas are fine. 2. I have 5 hostas and for several years they have come out every spring, very large and do great! This year only two have done this, the other three are about 2" tall and even though I've babied them they are starting to die.

Boyd County Kentucky

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The two pests that come to mind if it is something eating the leaves are slugs and earwigs. You could put out beer in a pie tin even with the soil surface to see if you trap slugs.To see if it is earwigs,you can make an earwig trap by saving the cardboard cores from rolls of paper towels. Fill with straws and if you like, wrap the outside of the core with packing tape to prolong its use in the garden. In the morning, lift the trap and tap it over a bucket of soapy water. The earwigs will fall out of their hiding places in the straws, drop into the soapy water and die.