Usage of Daconil, Neem Oil, and Sulfur Dust

Asked June 9, 2016, 10:02 AM EDT

Hello, I had a few questions about combating powdery mildew on my squash, blight on my tomato plants, and peach tree leaf curl on my peach tree. Each year all of my plants that I spoke of become infected by these issues- so this year I bought the concentrate of daconil from Lowes to use. I have already noticed the leaf curl this year; the tomato plants and squash/cucumbers look ok still. Last week I mixed a gallon of water with the appropriate daconil in my garden sprayer and treated all plants mentioned. Is this product OK to use if I strictly follow the directions on the label? Should I assume all the fungicide has washed off after a heavy rain and reapply asap? Thanks for any help! I also found an email at extension and sent this message so sorry for any repeats!! P.S. I used sulfur dust and neem oil last year with mixed results. P.P.S. I tried using milk and water in years past with limited results as well. Thanks again!

Centre County Pennsylvania

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I referred your question to the Centre County Horticulture Educator. Here is her contact information

Extension Educator

Hello Eileen,

Leoni contacted me, however she stated that she was the nutrition expert. I believe she tried to forward my question to another person- I didn't hear back from anyone else though. Thanks for your assistance!


I'm sorry that happened. I got her name from the district directory, and that is the problem. You do need to talk to a person educated in herbicides and pesticides.
Perhaps you can call the district and find out who would handle your question. It isn't clear from their job descriptions. At least try the Master Gardener and she may be able to steer you to the correct person.