Divided Hostas

Asked June 8, 2016, 8:53 PM EDT

We recently started a landscaping project in our front yard. Before the project began, there were six healthy, large (at least 3-4 feet wide), deep green hostas lining the pathway. I was not clear enough in my instructions to the landscapers, and when they removed the plants to save for replanting along the new walk, they proceeded to divide up the plants. I now have 15+ hosta parts. Can I group these together when I replant to make six large plants again? Will they come back as a single plant next spring? Or do I now have numerous smaller plants? When can I expect them to get as large as they were before the unwanted division?

Winnebago County Iowa

1 Response

You can certainly place the hostas close together in tight groups and replant. They should adjust and look very much like they did before. How long it will take to reach their original size will depend on how much root damage they have sustained and how well the roots have been kept moist in the interim. Eventually, they should bounce back however. May take a couple of years to reach full size. Use a liquid fertilizer when you replant them. They should not need fertilizer after that, though some compost around the base every year or so is nice but not necessary.