Weed & Feed killing our flowering shrubs

Asked June 8, 2016, 9:29 AM EDT

Hello, I've tried reading information online, but can't find answers. My husband spread weed and feed on our grass, thinking it would not affect other plants. This was done 8 days ago. Now, all of our hydrangeas, as well as many annuals and other plants are shriveling up and look deformed. I assume that they should be trashed, but before re-planting these expensive items, I need to know if we have to do something to the soil in those areas. Should we wait a while before re-planting? Is there anything we can do to save the remaining plants? We have been watering a lot to try to dilute the weed and feed, which we will never use again (how do we dispose of the rest of it?). Thank you for any help with this disaster.

Baltimore County Maryland

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The fact that you diluted the pesticide soon after the application may have saved some of your plants from disaster.The active ingredients in these products are highly water soluble and will disperse in the soil anywhere from 30 to 60 days depending on several related conditions including microbial activity. Wait to see the effect on each plant,some may recover. If a plant starts changing color from yellow to brown,it may be on its way out. If a plant recovers from the wilting effect,it may be fine.