Hopyard Cover Crops and Companion Plants

Asked June 7, 2016, 1:06 PM EDT

I have a small hopyard with about 300 plants in 9 rows that are each 100' long. I currently have rye grass, quackgrass, and a mix of weeds growing in the aisles between the hop rows. I would like to till these aisles and plant something new. I am looking for ideas on good seed mixes/plants for this area. I'd like something that doesn't grow very tall and doesn't spread into the hop beds. Something that fixes nitrogen would be beneficial as well. Is there an orchard grass mix or something similar that would meet these criteria?
Also, I am wondering about any good companion plants for hops that I could either plant at the end of the rows, or in between the hop crowns. I currently have some cilantro, dill, chamomille, and anise hyssop plants that reseed themselves every year, but I am wondering if there is anything better.

Saratoga County New York

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You might want to check with your local Cornell Extension office but I would think that a tall fescue/white clover mix would work well in that situation.