Shrub suggestion in Yard w/ Black Walnut Tree

Asked June 7, 2016, 12:13 PM EDT

A variegated dogwood that had been thriving since we bought our house in 2000 died out two years ago. Not sure if it was winter kill or affected by the two black walnut trees in our back yard. That spot is a centerpiece along the back fence of our yard. Wondering if you can recommend a replacement shrub that can withstand toxins of walnut roots/trees. This spot is not in the drip line, but a master gardener at the Mankato Farmers market said the walnut chemistry could be affecting that area nonetheless. The book she consulted listed plants that can thrive where walnut trees are, but there were no shrubs listed. She suggested I contact you. Loved the red branches of dogwood in sad it did not survive.

Nicollet County Minnesota shrubs black walnut tree

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It is challenging to grow plants under, or within the canopy of black walnut trees but there are lots of plants that have been proven resistant to the juglone that these trees produce. Here is a fact sheet that may be helpful:

That is a very comprehensive list! I will print it out and keep it as a reference.
Many of the plants on that list are in our yard; Coral Bells, Clematis, Hostas.
Phlox does really well, too.
I did see one type of dogwood (ours must have been another variety) listed so will check into getting that or a barberry for our vacant spot.
Thank you for your help!