Yeast and high altitude baking

Asked June 6, 2016, 6:31 PM EDT

Hello, I am a resident of Colorado Springs, elevation 6000 feet. The instructions manual for my bread machine recommended contacting the Colorado Cooperative Extension Resource Center for information on the amount of yeast to use in my bread recipes. They indicated it would be less but didn't elaborate. Can you tell me how much of a reduction it would be?

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Each bread machine operates a little differently, so to make the perfect loaf of bread it will take some experimenting on your part. In general, start by:

  • Reduce the amount of yeast by ¼ teaspoon, per teaspoon the recipe calls for.

  • Do not reduce the amount of salt, it slows down the speed of yeast growth.

  • Do not use rapid rise yeast.

  • Optional, reduce the amount of sugar or honey called for by ½. Sugars and other sweeteners feed the yeast and could cause it to over grow during the bread machine rise cycle.

  • Increase the liquid by 2 tablespoons, per cup the recipe calls for. This is needed to counter the dryness of air and ingredients at high altitudes.