soil testing for planting grass seeds

Asked June 6, 2016, 6:30 PM EDT

I have spends hundreds of dollars during the years for planting grass seeds in my front yard. The grass in the back yard is excellent. I spend $1,000 a few years ago to have a landscape contractor re-do the front yard. They dug up the front yard, put down manure, etc. and the grass grew and looked excellent for about 2 months and then it went bad. Last year I dug up the front yard and put down sod it looked good for about 3 weeks and went bad. I took the sod up and put down new sod in the "same" place; it didn't last a good week. This year I dug up the front yard again and put down Pennington Complete grass seed and the front is very spotty and has a lot of ant holes. Will a soil test determine what my problem is?

Prince George's County Maryland

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It never hurts to have a soil test. That could determine your problem. We would suggest that you do your lawn renovation in the fall rather than the spring. The most common problem with lawn renovation is insufficent moisture. If you decide to use sod, be sure to purchase recently dug sod from a reputable source. Tall fescue is a good type of grass to plant. vw