Cherry trees in Kentucky

Asked June 6, 2016, 5:02 PM EDT

I have a friend in bonnieville Kentucky that's got a cherry tree loaded full of cherries I think he's got the only cherry tree in the whole state I can't find anywhere to pick any even and Huber Farms . I know the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin is full of them Ive picked them up there?p>

Meade County Kentucky

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I'm not clear as to what your question is.

Why are their no cherry trees around KY

Sweet cherry trees do not survive very long in KY. Our weather and late frosts, freeze or damage the crop to the point that it is not economical to grow them in this region.
Most cherries come from the north east or western part of the US. Sour cherries do grow and produce in KY. But there is not the market for them so there are few growers.
Contact your Local Extension in Meade County for more information.