Seeking master gardener

Asked June 6, 2016, 2:08 PM EDT

Where does a "master gardener" advertise? How do I find a "master gardener" to come to my home and assist with soil sampling AND in designing AND planting?? I am willing to pay!!!!!

Chesterfield County Virginia

1 Response

Master Gardener Volunteers do not "advertise" their services and do not charge for the assistance they provide to the public. We also do not provide labor for projects. Master Gardeners work only as volunteers through the Cooperative Extension Service to educate our clients on many aspects of gardening. Some programs through the Extension Service do carry a small fee to cover the cost of materials such as printed instruction manuals and soil testing but the Master Gardeners do not charge for their time or advice.

In your case, I suggest you call the Chesterfield office and discuss what you would like in the way of soil testing and advice on improving your landscape. The phone number is 804-751-4401. Someone there will be able to inform you of the various programs available.