Sumac eradication

Asked June 6, 2016, 12:05 PM EDT

Our new home came with a sumac tree, which we cut down last year. We removed LOTS of the rhizomes as we found the ground interlaced with them. Now we have many new plants growing all over our yard - and they are growing incredibly fast! I don't think it may be possible to dig up every rhizome without completely demolishing our entire front yard. Can you offer options to get rid of it? Would cutting off every little plant as soon as it appears eventually deplete the plants resources and it would die, or must we resort to an herbicide? Help! Thank you, Dennis in Cedar Hills

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

You have two choices - dig up every single rhizome and then re-dig each time a new stem appears or - cut the stems and apply Garlon 4 Ultra to each cut stem, being careful not to get it on any foliage you want to preserve. Please follow all the directions on the package and wear protective clothing including gloves. While Garlon 3A works on foliage, it does not work on the woody stems.