bamboo eradication

Asked June 6, 2016, 12:04 PM EDT

A neighbor has planted bamboo along our backyard 6 foot fence. The bamboo comes up in our backyard -- the latest 20 feet tall in about 6 weeks. I cut it down and dug out the roots. But, how does one permanently get rid of bamboo? Is there a chemical that can be applied to the stump? Also, I live in Portland and will contact the City for rules, but are there state or local laws about planting bamboo considering how invasive it is? Thanks.

Multnomah County Oregon bamboo control horticulture

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Have you talked with your neighbor and told them their bamboo is spreading to your property? You can dig down along the edge of your property a few inches, taking care to cut through and destroy any rhizomes that have spread to your area, and then install plastic rhizome barrier across the top six inches of soil to prevent it from spreading into your area. Rhizomes usually exist in the top few (less than six) inches of soil. If you are on good terms with your neighbor, they may agree to install it on their side of the fence.

There are many bamboo species and without a photo it is impossible to know what they planted. If it is golden bamboo, it is invasive. Roundup Original will usually take care of it, but it may need to be reapplied. You can also kill it over the long term (up to two or three years) by repeatedly mowing over the young shoots.