Maple Seed Droppings?

Asked June 5, 2016, 11:36 PM EDT

Its already June and I'm not seeing the maple seeds developing on the trees. We're waiting to get our gutters cleaned as well as lay mulch out until after they drop, but getting concerned about how much longer into the season it may be before they drop, and if they are even going to drop this year because of how mild the winter was? Do you have any recommendation of the time frame?

Thanks kindly!

Lorain County Ohio

1 Response

Did you notice and abundance of maple seeds last year? If so, that may be the reason you are not seeing as much seed production this year. It has been an unusual spring here in Ohio and with the cool wet weather we experienced a lot of trees did not get pollinated enough to produce seed. A lot of trees have mast years where they produce more seed than normal. This may be an off year for your maple trees. If you are not seeing seed by now it is probably safe to go ahead and finish your mulching and cleaning gutters.