Identify Mold/Fungus

Asked June 5, 2016, 3:51 PM EDT

This tenacious growth keeps re-appearing on my deck. At times it appears to ooze a resin-like, tacky/sticky substance from some areas. I've used many different methods to get rid of it but without longterm success. Thrives after heavy rains. Please help me identify & if possible offer solution to get rid of it?

Bexar County Texas

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That is likely a decay fungi, which can penetrate and damage wood. (surface mold does not) This means the affected wood has stayed pretty wet for long periods, perhaps soaking up water at both its surface and cut ends.
You may wish to consult your state's Extension wood science specialist, or a local exterminator who could treat with an appropriate fungicide. But, if the wood is soft, it should be replaced. Wood should be treated with a water repellant preservative on all six sides; try to protect the cut ends from water flow.