Type of shade tree

Asked June 5, 2016, 3:00 PM EDT

I have a small piece of property west of New Princeton. I was wanting to plant some trees for shade and habitat for the few local deer. I have a source of water so the trees could be on drip irrigation. Can you recommend a few different breeds of trees and possible local resources that retail these trees.

Harney County Oregon

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It's a difficult to answer these types of questions without more site specific information. With that said, we generally are dealing with low rainfall and fairly alkaline soils in the high desert. Therefore, it is good that you have the ability to irrigate, because just about any tree species that you select will need regular irrigation, especially during the hot season. Drip irrigation is an excellent choice. The list of shade tree species that are adapted to our short growing season and alkaline soils is fairly brief. You might consider the following trees: European birch, lanceleaf cottonwood, common hackberry, American linden, black walnut, and Colorado, Engelmann, and Norway spruce. Smaller choices might include Amur corktree, Ohio Buckeye, honeylocust, ironwood, sycamore maple, Norway maple, yellowwood, and Rocky Mountain juniper. We have a local nursery that would likely retail some of these tree species and others. Additionally, the local FFA Chapter maintains a nursery as a fundraising activity that would be worth checking out earlier in the spring next year. The Harney Soil and Water Conservation District (SCWD) also periodically makes trees and other plant materials available to the public. I would recommend contacting the Harney SWCD to see when the next opportunity is scheduled.