Asked June 5, 2016, 1:23 AM EDT

My hybrid succulant has large tunnels going into one side. It is grafted and only the gnarled part has this. It's very large with a tall leafy cactus stem about 30" tall. The plant seems perfectly healthy other than this tunnel split. Sure wouldn't want to loose it, it was a baby when I got it. Please HELP! Thank you for your expert advice

Tulsa County Oklahoma

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From what I can see looking at the picture it looks like those tunnels extend down inside the cactus to about the point of the graft union. I think this is a classic age/growth problem where the graft union started failing some time ago and now it's becoming obvious as the grafted specimen is growing and exposing those "tunnels". In my experience if it gets worse, which I believe it will, when the grafted one gets wobbly at the graft union the only thing I was able to do with my 25 year old grafted cactus/succulent was go ahead and separate it and put it in a sandy mix with the freshly broken graft union down touching the mix and let it root. I actually scrapped a little more of the scabbed over old union off so it and the fresh wound could root. Wish my news was better, but I had to grow my old friends as separate plants once the graft failed. You might see if someone else has another idea but that's sure what it looks like to me.