Apple Scab and cedar trees?

Asked June 4, 2016, 9:14 PM EDT

Once again our ornamental white crab apple tree is dropping its leaves (some spotted, some turning yellow). The tree is 23 years old and has only been trimmed twice. Last November, after all the leaves had fallen off the trees, we had an arborist come to remove some dead oaks. He said with all the juniper trees we have on our lot, we wouldn't be able to solve the problem with the flowering crab so we either live with the mess (for only three days of flowers) or cut it down. Is this true? It wouldn't break my heart to get rid of this mess at my front door. Thank you for your help. Nancy Sedlock

Sherburne County Minnesota crab apple trees

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There really is nothing to do with Apple scab. My uncle had such an outbreak he thought it was blooming! Long wet days and nights can cause the outbreak. It will happen again so it would be your choice to cut it down. Perhaps cut down just the one making the mess by your front door. A